Annual Reports


2021: Meeting Continued Challenges with Confidence

2021 continued to bring challenges, new variants Delta and Omicron emerged, which stressed the health care system and nurses at the point of care even further. While more was known about the virus and its variants, many areas of the country remained unvaccinated, which contributed to the spike in hospital admissions.

The stoppage of elective  procedures, as well as non-COVID patients post-poning their care, contributed to more severity when patients sought or were forced to seek care.

This report provides an overview of 2021 and the goals we will be focused on as we move into 2022.

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2020: A year of innovation. A year of change. A year of redefining normal. A year of celebrating our nurses and the hard work put into each and every day. 

AMSN stood with the med-surg nursing community, with our continued mission to help where help was needed, change where beneficial, to advocates for our nurses' safety and well-being, and to create new opportunities for learning, growth and engagement for members and certificants  all along the way.

We look forward to a 2021 full of even more possibilities with our med-surg community, as AMSN celebrates its 30 Year Anniversary milestone.

We invite you to review a summary of 2020 accomplishments in our 2020 Annual Report below.

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