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AMSN Elevate Series

The AMSN Elevate Series offers expert-designed courses in next-level skills and knowledge for the experienced med-surg nurse.

In the pursuit of lifelong learning, we have forged a path that allows nurses to earn continuing education credit, built on a foundation of real-life, practical, and impactful content that brings measurable value to their careers and their institutions.

The AMSN Elevate Series is so much more than standard online learning.

The goal is not to pass a test or receive a digital badge; it is to build actionable skills that can be immediately implemented and leveraged to better serve organizations and — most importantly — patients.

Deepen your knowledge and grow your career with these three AMSN Elevate Series courses, available now:


Why choose the AMSN Elevate Series to meet your professional development needs, or help your nurses achieve more?

  • Commitment to developing real-world skills and practical knowledge
  • Solutions to challenges faced by med-surg nurses, designed by experts
  • Focus on career growth and professional excellence, with a secondary emphases on earning NCPD Hours
  • Next-level content for med-surg nurses who are ready to go above and beyond
  • Recognition for the nurses who make up the largest nursing specialty in the industry
  • Better patient outcomes that boost individual confidence and contribute to institutional excellence
  • Online learning that is accessible, engaging and transformational for nurses and institutions alike

The benefits are clear, and the outcomes are measurable. We hope youll find out how the AMSN Elevate Series can push your career or your organization to the next level.

So You Want to Move Ahead in Your Med-Surg Career?

The AMSN Elevate Series will propel you toward providing next-level care.

  • There are more than 1.8 million med-surg nurses practicing as of 2020.
  • This makes med-surg nursing the single largest nursing specialty in the world.
  • Med-surg nurses are a diverse group, with more than 30% minorities in practice.
  • More than half are bilingual, with the majority speaking Spanish.
  • There are more than 36,000 med-surg nurses who hold the CMSRN certification from AMSN.
  • Many med-surg nurses stay in the field for 1-2 years, but more than 10% continue in med-surg nursing for 8+ years.
  • These nurses need continuing education and ongoing support to achieve next-level care, grow their careers and contribute to their institutions.
  • Many states require continuing education for licensure renewal, usually every two years.
  • Nurses are shown to spend more time in contact with patients than any other healthcare provider.
  • Med-surg is ranked #3 in a list of the 25 types of nurses employers want to hire.

What do these numbers and facts add up to?

  • Continuing education is the best way to grow your career, achieve professional development, and contribute more fully to your institution. But the biggest impact is on the patients you serve, by giving you the knowledge and resources you need to improve outcomes and excel in the compassion and care you provide them.
  • For med-surg nurses, the AMSN Elevate Series meets all these qualifications, and gives you next-level learning in a format that fits your busy schedule.

Find out how much further you can go in your career with the AMSN Elevate Series.

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Who can sign up for the AMSN Elevate Series?

Any active med-surg nurse can access these courses through the AMSN Elevate Series, however, these courses are designed for nurses who have a foundation of knowledge and experience in the med-surg field, and are looking to level up their expertise.

How do the AMSN Elevate Series courses work?

Once you complete registration for your selected AMSN Elevate Series courses, youll be able to access course content online via your AMSN account. Courses can be completed on your schedule.

Once completed, you will receive confirmation of any contact hours you have earned, and you are free to add your achievement to your resume, CV, LinkedIn, or anywhere else youd like to share.

The benefits are clear, and the outcomes are measurable. We hope youll find out how the AMSN Elevate Series can push your career or your organization to the next level.

How does the AMSN Elevate Series help me grow?

AMSN Elevate Series courses will provide opportunities to earn contact hours credits, which is helpful in meeting your professional development goals and ongoing requirements for many certifications and professional designations. However, while contact hours are an important aspect of the AMSN Elevate Series, they are not the sole desired outcome.

We expect that throughout the course, you will learn skills and acquire knowledge that goes beyond your professional training and takes you to the next level of med-surg care. In turn, you can expect to perform better on the job and see better patient outcomes and improved scores for your institution.

Why should my institution support nurses in taking the AMSN Elevate Series courses?

Better nurses mean better outcomes. And better outcomes result in improved scores and reputation for your organization. Supporting ongoing education is critical in the constantly evolving field of nursing, and helping your nurses stay up-to-date on best practices, changing trends and improved care will benefit your institution exponentially.

You may also find that the AMSN Elevate Series impacts your accreditation status and your organizations financial standing, thanks to a significant lift in outcomes, reduced readmission and overall higher quality of care.

Easy Access 1-2-3

Elevate your career with our easy 1-2-3 AMSN Elevate Series access.

  1. Select the course that’s right for you.
  2. Complete the form and pay your registration fee.
  3. Log into your account to launch your course.

It’s as easy as that!

We look forward to having you elevate yourself in med-surg nursing excellence. Want to explore more about AMSN and the AMSN Elevate Series, or have a question? Let’s connect.



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