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・It’s Time to Spring Forward: What’s Coming Up for AMSN
・MSNCB Announces Virtual Acute Care RN Certification
・MSNCB Announces Board of Directors and Officers for 2023
・Looking Ahead to 2023

Med-Surg Moments

The AMSN Podcast is a Show for Nurses, By Nurses

Med-Surg Moments is the official podcast of AMSN. Our podcast offers an engaging look at the lives of – and surrounding – medical-surgical nurses. We are currently on our second year, and are in the top 100 medical podcasts as reported on Chartable!

Fostering & Rewarding Excellence

Unit Award - AMSN PRISM Award®

Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-surg. Apply and see all of the recipients of this prestigious award for medical-surgical units.

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Participate in Open Research Studies

AMSN promotes Research Studies that we believe will benefit our members and medical-surgical nursing. Researchers greatly appreciate your participation and your invaluable insight on these worthwhile…

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Med-Surg Nurse Life Magazine

January 2023 - AMSN members may view the digital edition of MED-SURG Nurse Life Magazine on virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Members receive the magazine as part of their membership…

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Medtronic Enhanced Monitoring Solutions 

Three solutions to make your life easier during these challenging times.