Introducing the AMSN Community, "The Pulse"!


If you’re looking for the HUB, it has been replaced with "The Pulse"!

The Pulse is our brand-new community site that has been specifically tailored to the needs of our association. In replacing the outdated model of the Hub, we knew that streamlining communication between you, your peers, and subject matter experts needed to be at the center of what we were building. We’ve been working with a company called Forj to create a custom-built and custom-focused platform that can help us connect with all of you—and that can help all of you, our members, connect with each other.

This new platform will make it easier for us to engage with you and all our members!

Our new platform is meant to be the most efficient space for our members to get real-time answers to clinical practice questions, up-to-date practical advice, and to connect instantly to your peers and colleagues. It’ll serve as the main platform for all our premier partner sponsors which will directly benefit you through new webinars, clinical research, and thought leadership. This is YOUR space first and foremost and we encourage you to speak openly to one another in the “nurses lounge” as well as having a forum space just for the student membership, knowing that you will face unique questions and circumstances of your own. Access The Pulse here.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to The Pulse!


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