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The professional development of our nurses is at the heart of the AMSN mission. We are excited to announce the newest additions to our educational offerings. On this page, you'll learn about the new new Certification Prep Bundles, AMSN Med-surg Nursing Competency Framework, online certificate-based AMSN Elevate Series, and about the CMSRN Certification Review Classes. We have also made the first DEI module of The Elevate Series absolutely free to anyone who wants to take it, as part of our ongoing dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care and beyond. 

The Essential Certification Prep Bundle

The Essential Certification Prep Bundle contains the Online CMSRN Certification Review Course and Prep Test for a discounted price!

The Online CMSRN Certification Review Course is an interactive and comprehensive study reviewing the most common diseases, symptoms, and issues seen in patients by medical-surgical nurses, along with the respective nursing assessments and interventions. Lessons include practice questions like those found on the Medical-Surgical Certification Exam.

The Prep Test offers realistic exam questions based on the CMSRN exam blueprint. This 150-question practice test can be completed as a practice exam or taken in short 10-question quizzes covering the six knowledge domains. This way you can fit in exam preparation in whatever time you have available. This product even offers detailed and personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weakness!

This perfect pair lets you learn, assess for knowledge gaps, revisit the material, and test again.

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The Complete Certification Bundle

This bundle is the ultimate CMSRN preparation package.

Along with the Online CMSRN Certification Review Course and Prep Test, this bundle includes a few additional study materials, the Review Questions, and Core Curriculum. All for a discounted price!

Hand and globeThe Review Questions book contains 345 multiple choice questions that follow the same format as the items on the CMSRN exam. This book includes an answer sheet and rationales for correct answers.

If you want to dive deeper into the nursing material, the Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing will help you do that! This in-depth resource is a perfect companion to the Review Questions and Certification Review Courses.

With these four different ways to practice and learn, you can feel confident in having the resources you need to get ready for the CMSRN Exam.

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Med-Surg Nursing Competency Framework

Medical-surgical nurses provide care to adults with a variety of medical issues or who are preparing for/recovering from surgery. They have a broad knowledge base and are experts in their practice. To handle a wide array of medical needs across disciplines, med-surg nurses must be knowledgeable about all adult health conditions/diseases.  For this reason, med-surg competencies are extensive and cover a wide range of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualities (KSAOs). AMSN recognized there was no consolidated set of competencies for medical-surgical nurses, and so we set about developing one.

The AMSN Med-surg Nursing Competency Framework takes the guesswork out of personal and organizational assessment, allowing you and your organization to uncover your strengths and weaknesses in order to help you better understand and communicate your level of clinical expertise and to assist with personal/team growth.

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AMSN Elevate Series Certificate Based Online Learning 


Clinical Leadership Development Certificate

Female Nurse Leader Smiling Talking to a DoctorClinical Leadership Development Program (CLDP): Essential Leadership Competencies for Nurses at Every Level is designed with the next generation of med-surg nurse leaders in mind.

This course delivers value to ALL clinical nurses, by offering real-world skills and knowledge you can begin to implement in your practice right away. This course goes beyond basic leadership skills and builds on the foundation you already have from your prior educational and professional experience. 

All practicing med-surg nurses are eligible to enroll in Clinical Leadership Development Program: Essential Leadership Competencies for Nurses at Every Level, which is part of the AMSN Elevate Series, a mastery-level online learning course that develops real-world skills and knowledge to empower med-surg nurses to level-up in their practice.

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Behavioral Health Program Certificate

The Behavioral Health Program Certificate was designed in response to the evolving needs of med-surg nurses and the patients they serve. Every med-surg nurse can expect to give care to patients living with behavioral health issues, such as schizophrenia and personality disorders, substance use disorder, and more.

We have heard the challenges med-surg nurses face caring for patients with behavioral health issues in the medical-surgical setting, and this course is our answer to those challenges. Throughout this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to provide next-level care to patients undergoing a behavioral health crisis in the med-surg setting, and do so while offering them compassion and dignity. All practicing med-surg nurses are eligible to enroll in the Behavioral Health Program Certificate

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Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Health Care Workforce - Module 1 Now Available & Free to Members

As a dynamic community of medical-surgical nurses committed to a mission of providing quality patient care, we acknowledge inequity harms people, health care, and health. Our core values have always been to dedicate, transform, collaborate, and advocate for that mission.

As organizations reap the many benefits of diverse teams, we’ve realized how a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion increases the cohesiveness of those teams.

This places employees in a better position to collaborate, communicate, and provide outstanding patient care. AMSN has prioritized improving patient care and the nurse work environment through diversity, equity, and inclusion and we hope others in health care will embrace this initiative with us.

Diverse Group of Nurses

AMSN is developing a 6-module e-learning course to a larger initiative on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in nursing and health care. This initiative includes the needs of patients as well as health care providers.

The certificate program covers general DEI societal and health care information, as well as five marginalized groups.

In this one-hour module, you will be challenged to:

  • Investigate opportunities for connection and community building in health care workplaces.
  • Increase your awareness of structural and unconscious bias.
  • Support and consciously advance equity and inclusion in your workplace.
  • Build a culture of appreciation and inclusion
  • Distinguish among diversity, equity, and inclusion, and
  • Exhibit open-mindedness to provide healing care in diverse populations that are consistent with health care best practices.

The full course will be available in the summer of 2022. Please enjoy the first module of this course at no cost.  Contact hours for the first module will be available soon!

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CMSRN Certification Review Course

The Certification Review Course is a thorough, interactive review of the most common diseases, symptoms, and issues seen in patients by medical-surgical nurses, along with the respective nursing assessments and interventions required by the medical-surgical nurse. These lessons include practice questions at the end of each section that are similar to those found on the Medical Surgical Certification Exam. However, even for those who are not planning to take the exam, this course provides relevant content to be used by medical-surgical nurses throughout their career!

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