AMSN Position Statements

Position Statements Are an Important Tool Used by AMSN

AMSN defined position statements that are directed at achieving the mission, vision, and strategic plan. They can be used by medical-surgical nurses in all practice settings. 

AMSN Statement Future of Nursing Committee

Former AMSN President Dr. Linda Yoder presents comments on behalf of AMSN at the Future of Nursing 2020/2030 inaugural meeting in Washington, DC

AMSN Has Developed Position Statements in the Following Areas

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

AMSN is committed to strengthening our diversity, equity, and inclusion, to ensure these are woven deeply into the fabric of our mission, goals, and the experiences we provide for our nurses. Embracing diverse perspectives leads to hearing multiple viewpoints on issues, realizing full potentials, and finding innovative solutions.

Health Literacy

AMSN recognizes that health literacy is crucial to patient safety and health maintenance.

Importance Of Evidence-Based Professional Competencies In Medical-Surgical Nursing

Beyond licensure and professional certification, neither the health care industry sector nor individual nurses possess sufficient validated guidance necessary to assess and then improve competency in a standardized, evidence-based manner.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification

AMSN supports certification as a commitment to safe, evidence-based, holistic care which results in desired patient outcomes.

Practice Environment Advocacy

AMSN created this practice environment advocacy position statement to respond to a need indicated in a member survey. AMSN wants to empower nurses to transform their workplaces.

Political Awareness for the RN

Medical-surgical nurses are the largest group of health care professionals must recognize their inherent power to influence change in health policy.

Staffing Standards for Patient Care

AMSN supports provision of the highest quality patient care through appropriate use of staffing standards.


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