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Exam Application Blackout
There will be a total exam application blackout from June 19 through June 26. You will not be able to apply for the CMSRN exam, edit your CMSRN application, or schedule the CMSRN exam during this time. You may still attend any scheduled exam appointment. This blackout is in support of a data migration for MSNCB's transition to a new management company on July 1, 2023.

score delay
If you take the CMSRN exam from May 15, 2023 through July 24, 2023, you will not receive your exam results until August 17, 2023.

new exam blueprint
The CMSRN exam will be based on the 2023 CMSRN Exam Blueprint as of May 15, 2023.

exam blackout period
There will be an exam blackout period from July 25, 2023 through August 18, 2023. You will not be able to schedule an exam appointment during this blackout period.

new exam score
The passing scaled score for the CMSRN exam will be 95 through May 14, 2023. The new passing scaled score for the CMSRN exam may change on and after May 15, 2023, but the exact score needed to pass the exam will not be released until August 17, 2023.

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