Charles “Wes” Foster, MSN, BA, RN, CMSRN, OCN, MSNCB President
It is going to be a fantastic year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to new opportunities and experiences that 2023 will have to offer us.

I do want to take this time and introduce you to our new directors that will be serving you and MSNCB. They are Mindy Lawson, M.Ed., BSN, RN, CMSRN, Courtney Lykins, MSN, RN, CMSRN, and Kaitlin Scruggs, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Emerging Professional.

Mindy began her career as a primary educator. Her most recent clinical experience is in direct patient care, and subsequently a leadership position on a medical-surgical unit. During her time on the medical-surgical unit, Mindy was involved in establishing Shared Governance in her facility. She has a BA in psychology and a Master of Education from the University of South Alabama. She earned her BSN in 2009 and has since obtained experience in a variety of inpatient and outpatient specialties. Mindy earned her CMSRN in 2019.

Courtney is a Manager of Staff Education for UPMC where she has practiced for over fifteen years in a variety of roles. She has a diverse professional background with experience in medical-surgical, cardiac telemetry, and post-surgical clinical specialties prior to her transition into nursing education. Courtney received her Master’s degree with a focus in Nursing Education from Robert Morris University and earned her CMSRN in 2014. She is an active member of several professional nursing organizations including the Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, and the Association for Nursing Professional Development Specialists.

View the Press Release: MSNCB Announces Board of Directors and Officers for 2023.


Kaitlyn will be joining us as the Emerging Professional. This role is new for our board, and it is designed to help a newly licensed nurse understand the inner workings of boards and to gather their perspectives and insights on what is important to a potential new certificant that is new to the profession. Kaitlyn is employed at the Southern Arizona VA hospital where she is dedicated to serving veterans. She has been specializing and working on a medical-surgical floor for 3 years. She is also a member of the DEMPS program where she deploys to VA’s around the country during national disasters and emergencies. At her hospital, she has created a project focused on increasing staff education regarding spinal cord injury patients in acute care settings. She received her BSN from The University of Arizona in 2019.

I would also like to introduce Jessica Tully, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CNML, CENP, as our President – Elect. Jessica has been with the board for the past five years and has served in a variety of roles during this time. Jessica is the Medical/Surgical Division Director at Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, TX. Jessica has been employed with MMH since January 2005. She earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Science in Nursing degrees from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Grand Canyon University and Associates Degree in Nursing from Howard College. Jessica is a member of the Texas Nurses Association and is the District 21 President. Other memberships include AMSN, ANA, the Texas Organization of Nurse Leaders, and the American Organization of Nurse Leaders.

I would also like to take this time to say thank you to Antoinette Falker, DNP, RN, GCNS-BC, CMSRN, CBN, who has transitioned off the board after nine years of service. Ann was most recently the Immediate Past President of MSNCB, and she was an amazing presence on the board. She has helped the board move and grow to meet the needs of the profession and our certificants, and she has been a strong advocate for certification since before we initially met her. In addition to being a clinical nurse specialist, she is also the FailSafe Coordinator at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Ann will continue to be a mentor to me, and I cannot thank her enough for her friendship, leadership, and dedication to MSNCB. This is not goodbye. It is simply working with her in a different capacity.

I do hope that you use the fresh slate of 2023 to grow, learn, inspire, and lead as we embrace all that 2023 has to offer. Continue to be the best that you can be and know you do make a difference in the lives of our patients and families. I am honored to be your President.


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