Transitions Are All Around Us

AMSN President’s March 2023 Message

The feeling of Spring is in the air! Looking out the window, you start to see new life in the world all around us. For me, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom-which means warmer days are on the way. As the world is transitioning around me, I start to consider the impact of transitions we experience as nurses. 
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What’s Coming Up for AMSN

It’s Time to Spring Forward: What’s Coming Up for AMSN

CEO’s March Message for the AMSN Blog

As you might remember from previous communications, AMSN has been working on a comprehensive DEI program to help build competency related to DEI principles. The program consists of six modules, an introductory module that provides background, definitions and covers topics such as bias and microaggressions, and then five different modules focusing on five traditionally marginalized groups.
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