Let’s Celebrate Our Specialty!

A week celebration turned into a month for our 30th anniversary.

Happy Medical-Surgical Nurses Month! Usually, we celebrate Medical-Surgical Nurses for only a week in November (1-7), but this year we decided to commemorate the whole month.
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AMSN Annual Convention

It’s Convention Month!

While it is no one’s first choice, there are some things to look forward to with a virtual convention.

Last month the AMSN Board of Directors made the very difficult decision to change the format of our annual convention from hybrid (in-person and virtual) to all virtual.
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Summer Bryant
As I begin my term as AMSN’s President, I want to thank Robin Hertel for her service as our President for the past two years.
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Dictionary.com defines pursuit as: the act of pursuing; an effort to secure or attain a goal; a quest; and any occupation, pastime, or the like in which a person is engaged regularly or customarily. They define excellence as the fact or state of excelling.
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