Summer Bryant
As I begin my term as AMSN’s President, I want to thank Robin Hertel for her service as our President for the past two years.
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Antoinette Falker
Pandemic! A word that we learned in nursing school. A word that was synonymous with widespread death and tragedy. A word we were aware of but existed oftentimes outside our sphere of professional nursing practice and our lives.
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June has had a long history of celebrations with weddings and graduations; of freedom with the celebration of Juneteenth; and of personal and social rights with the celebration of Pride month. Unfortunately, nursing hasn’t always celebrated the differences that make us stronger as a profession.
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Robin's Nest - President's Message

Taking it Personally: Cultivating Passion Through Professional Fulfillment

When we take time to care for ourselves, everyone wins: Our patients, our fellow nurses, and our families. More often than not, we spend much of our waking hours giving to others, leaving very few moments to devote to what drives our passions. I believe it is truly vital for nurses to cultivate professional fulfillment through self-care and self-improvement.
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